comic vine Daring guy name: Henrick Cade history: current member of the x-force and thunderbolts. powers:superhuman strength: he pooses strength class 100 superhuman stamina: he has limetless stamina superhuman Durability: his body is extremley durable and can withstand impacts of Anti-tank weaponry, high calibar machine gun shells, falls from incredible heights and gunfire from pistols, assault riffles, machine guns and other guns at 999.Calibar his body is able to withstand Temperature and pressure extremes that are incredibly high, concussive blasts of high energy from the likes of silver surfer, and great impacts from beings such as wonder man and blue marvel without dealing any damage and his skin is very hard to injure easily and his body is resistant to all forms of incredible force, acids, energy assaults, penetration and pressure and temperature and is capable of withstanding heat up to 999,000 degrees farenheight and cold down to 187 degrees farnheight and even pressure from 9 to 999,000 lbs sqaure inch without any injury. he has withstood a blast from cyclops at full power and survived an energy attack from blastaar withou any injury and has near point blank endured a blast from galactagus and even taken a blast from ms.marvel without a single bruise or any slight damage. Regeneritive healing factor: he is capable of healing instanously. superhuman speed: he can run at incredibly fast speed easily. superhuman reflexes and agility: he is capable of catching bullets and dodging missiles easily.