Gabriella is a extremley extremley extremley extremley beautyful Latina mermaid who is deaf and cannot talkwho communcates with sigh language Ursula tricked into comming to her place and is now owned by ursula and is turned into a polyp or eaten by Ursula she is mostly turned into a polyp and owned by Ursula her tail is owned by Ursula and used as a trick to fool even more mermaids to come see Ursula and get withered and is sucseefull Ursula also her seashell bikini to fool even more mermaid and was sucseefull she has used her twister to wither all mermaids and has tuned all mermaids into worms and has vast Tricks and various episode has tried and sucseed into turning Aquatica into a worm but sebastion has always found a way to turn her back into a mermaid she disguises herself as gabriel the deaf mute Latina mermaid into fooling Aquatica into coming into her lair Gabriel has a pink tail with a matching seashell bra