Lord Heroic name: Zane Howard History: his mutant powers devolped when he was 16 years old currnet member of the mighty avengers height: 6"4 feet weight: 498 lbs powers: superhuman strength: he posses limetless strength to lift in excess of 100 ton really easily as well as done incredibly treamdous feats of strength such as matching Champions of the universe's strength easily, lift the titanic, stalemate titania, overpower captain britain, render Hulk unconsicous, lift the Baxter building, knock out Gladiator, send nova Flying from Mexico to Norway, match copper mans strength and rendered skaar unconsicous with just a single blow and even defeat the likes of juggernaut in combat easily he can lift 900,000,000,000 tons easily and his strength rivals HErcules, nova's and the hulks. superhuman stamina: he can go for several days superhuman Durability: he can Tremendous impact forces , withstand falls from tremendous heights, Anti-tank weaponry, Temperature and pressure extremes, high energy blasts, high calibar machine gun shells and powerful lasers without sustaning. superhuman speed: he can run at march 4 easily. superhuman agility: his agility is better than the finest human athlete. superhuman reflexes: his reflexes are better than the finest human athletes.