Senator Sky name: Murphy Callons Height: 6'8 feet weight: 854 lbs. History: his mutant powers manufiested at age 15 current member of the Mighty avengers and young avengers. powers: superhuman strength: his superhuman strength allows him to lift 88 tons easily and is allowed to lift about 99 tons roughly and is even capapable of lifting in excess of 100 tons easily. superhuman stamina: he can for at least several days without tiring. Superhuman speed: depsite his mass he is capable of running at reaaly mega high and super quick speeds. superhuman agility and Reflexes: his reflexes and agility are better than the finest human athlete. superhuman durability: his body is highly resistant to all forms of injruy. his body is capable of withstanding the impact of Incredible impact like force blows with the likes of Gladiator and Abomination, machine gun caliber shells, falls from tremendous heights, anti-tank weapons, exposure to extremes of both pressure and temperature, high energy blasts and exposure to the vaccum of space without. Regneritive Healing factor:despite his skins marvolous resistance to injury it is possible to injure him however he has a healing factor that even allows him to regrow and regenerate missing limbs and organs easliy.